Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crafts with the Garden Posse at the HOPE Farmer's Market! This Sunday

We at the Garden Posse love crafts. And why not? Gardening goes hand in hand with D.I.Y, which goes hand in hand with crafts, which goes hand in hand with making adorable and practical chalkboard labels on terra cotta pots for your container garden, as pictured above!

Come visit us at the HOPE Farmer's Market this Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm and make these pots with us! Oh, and then you can shop for local produce and eat delicious food!

It's such a winning plan for Sunday. We guarantee all your friends will be jealous with your productivity on a day most consider lazy, so why not bring your friends as well? Do you have kids? They will like this.

We encourage you to bring your own pots to paint with us, but we will also be selling pots for a reasonable price. Sales will help cover the costs of the project and support similar projects in the future.

The HOPE Farmer's Market is located at 414 Waller Street, in and behind the ramshackle building you may recognize as the Fader Fort during SXSW (near Progress Coffee). The market host farm vendors such as Johnson's Backyard Garden (whose produce made a beautiful soup last week), food vendors such as Royal Indian Food (who will stuff as many delicious samples in your mouth as you can handle), and garden vendors like A to Zen (who sell exotic trees that I pine after). And you can buy recycled yarn from our friend at Yarn Harvest!

We hope to see you then.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

We did the work. Now it's time to celebrate.

You may recall our involvement with the legal planting of the median at Rosewood and Chicon, back on July 10. Let me tell you about July 10. It was hot. We got to the median around 9 am, and worked spreading soil and compost, grading the landscape, planting over a hundred plants, and finishing it off with a layer of glass mulch, until after 3 pm. And let me tell you about 3 pm on July 10 in Austin, Texas. It was hot. We were sunburned. We were tired. At least one of us had been attacked by ants. But we had accomplished something - the planting of a median that took years (years!) to plan. (To see photos of the median, check out this Flickr set.)

So now, we party.

Wait. First we go back and weed. Then, we party.

This Saturday, August 14, starting at nine and continuing to noon you can volunteer to weed, water, and mulch the median.

On Sunday, August 15, the fun begins at 7 pm with stories and skits based on the experiences of the neighborhood, at the New Movement Theater. A reception will follow with a TRIANGLE CAKE! Delicious and appropriate.

If you want to get involved, contact Ilse Frank at ilse@studiobalcones.com

Here's a map:

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Garden Posse summer potluck! August 5

What: Garden Posse potluck

When: Starting at 7 pm, August 5

Where: 2212 B Lanier Dr

Lindsay is hosting this event at her house, near Anderson & Burnet Rd. Please bring a delicious dish and hopefully we will end up with lots of beer and wine, too. This is a great time to do some pure Posse hanging out and some thinking about gardens before the fall season really gets rolling. It's also a great time to become friends with your neighborhood guerrilla gardeners! Everyone is welcome.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Legally planting a median! July 10

Usually, the Garden Posse spends the summer alternatively hiding inside and watering our plants and praying for their survival. But we are coming out of our summer hibernation (is that a thing?) to plant an East Side median, legally!

Landscape architect Ilse Frank asked us to participate in the planting of the median at Rosewood and Chicon with years of planning behind it. We said yes, as our last garden is halfway across the street at the New Movement Theater! We need a couple of volunteers, so we hope you can make it out on Saturday, July 10 at 9 am for what is likely the only planting event of the summer.

Read about it on the Out & About blog, and look for the news in the July 4 edition of the Statesman!

The time hasn't been solidified, but it will probably be sometime in the morning.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Come to McAllen's Cooking Skillz & Potluck, July 8th!

Longtime Posse pal McAllen goes down to the roots of the Garden Posse - back when the idea for guerrilla gardening was hatched over a couple of homemade pizzas (food and great ideas always go together). McAllen went to a couple of workshops during Skillshare Austin's weekend of skills, and got inspired. He says, "As a gardener I've been wanting to make better use of all the food I'm growing for a long time. The Skillshare workshop inspired me to make that dream a reality, and teach it to others."
McAllen is going to be hosting a cooking skillz and potluck at his house (12th & Airport) from 7 - 10 pm on July 8. Featuring homegrown garlic! Here's the announcement, from McAllen himself:

Hey garden knomes. Or should I say "hay" garden knomes, hay makes great mulch. I'm allowed one awful pun for the year.

So check it out: I harvested some garlic in my community garden a few weeks ago. It takes that long for the bulbs to cure before they're ready for use. It's almost time to put it in the pantry. What the heck am I going to do with twelve heads of garlic? This question gave me an idea. I want to host a workshop in which people teach a few skills about food, including how to make:

Roasted Garlic
Ornamental Hot Pepper Wreaths
Flavored, Ornamental Oil Jars
Soup Stock from Scratch
Some great recipes that are as easy as they are tasty
Time Saving Food Prep Tips

Bring a dish to share!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden this weekend!

Recently, the Garden Posse was contacted by landscape architect Ilse Frank, a woman with her fingers in many planting pies. She won a grant from Keep Austin Beautiful to install gardens near bus stops, and she needs volunteers for a dig that's happening this Saturday, from 9 am to 3 pm! There are FREE TACOS in it for you! Here's the info.

Hey Volunteers, Ambassadors, and Friends of Plaza Saltillo,

Great news! 

Our Plaza Saltillo Beautification team is ready to plant more trees and plants.  Thanks to the hard work from our volunteer Landscape Architect Ilse Frank, the folks here at Capital Metro, and some help from PARD, we have the resources and assistance we need for another volunteer day!  Hurray!

However, summer is upon us so we need to host our volunteer day asap.

Please join us on Saturday, June 19 from 9AM – 3PM. 

Location:  412 Comal Street, Austin, TX 78702
Parking:  Consider taking the bus, carpooling, biking, or walking!  Limited parking on North and South side of site. 

Bring: Water, Hats, Sunscreen, Water bottles,
Wear: Clothes to get dirty in.

We need about 40 volunteers to get the job done, so spread the word to your co-workers and friends. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010