Friday, February 27, 2009

A day at the 34th St garden

We're happy to report that the garden on 34th street is happy and healthy, and looking forward to spring. Here are a few scenes from a recent day at the garden.

Our useful and beautiful sign, paired with swiss chard.

Peas on the vine, clinging to the fence and the seeding Chinese cabbage.

Flowering broccoli enjoyed by bugs.

Tiny broccoli heads springing up towards a recently devoured crown.

Our newest addition to the garden, pepper transplants planted by our anonymous gardener! The mystery gardener has also spiffed up the garden with more rock and brick landscaping. Stopping by the garden these days is like heading for a pleasant surprise. Thanks to our newest gardener, and feel free to get in touch with us to take credit for your wonderful work.

I'll be posting an update on next week's project when I have more details.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Greetings from Austin"

Due to winter-like conditions, the GP has been almost hibernating for the past two months. But tonight, we are starting our slow, bright-eyed emergence into springtime, and back to gardening.

Tonight at 7:30 we'll be meeting up in South Austin at the famous "Greetings from Austin" mural. It's on the side of Roadhouse Relics, at South First and Annie - 1720 S 1st Street.

We're not going to break ground on this one yet, so no need to bring tools - just flashlights (or as the Brits say, "torches"). We'll be scouting out the landscaping, plants, and other logistical concerns. We'll also be talking about plans for parties, gardens, seed bomb throwing, and other covert operations, possibly at a nearby coffeeshop. We hope you can make it.

Plus: Good news! An anonymous gardener has expanded our guerrilla garden at 34th & Guadelupe! I visited yesterday to find new transplants, more rock landscaping, and a brand new water jug in the garden. This is what's supposed to happen - and it's very exciting. It's proof to the theory that if a guerrilla garden sticks around for long enough, the community will adopt it. We established the 34th St garden in August 2008, making it seven months old. Let's see if we can keep repeating this success around Austin. Much appreciation goes out to our new gardener - we'll be posting photos of the garden improvements soon.

We're still looking for new sites, so keep emailing your potential gardens to

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More seed bombs, more really free, more fun

Did you miss the Really Really Free Market last month? You probably did. Well, we're giving you a second chance. Because you deserve to know the happiness of seed bombs and free stuff.

Please come out to the Really Really Free Market this Sunday around 1pm for a seed bomb workshop. We did this last month and I can't stress enough how fun it was. Learn how to make seed bombs (it's really easy), and watch the joy spread across children's faces as you help them play in the mud. Read about it here.

The Really Really Free Market is at the corner of 16th and Chestnut. There is a pavilion there, and underneath it, stuff is free. Lots of reasons to come, please do.

see you there,
the posse

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Posse-time tonight

Hey everyone,

We had planned to pot succulents and strawberries in my garage tonight. However, not everything goes as planned, and we've called off tonight's meeting. Travis will be potting our succulents on his own because it brings him a piece of zen.

We're also working on our awesome new website, so stay tuned for web developments!

The Garden Posse

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

GP night out + Greater Austin Garbage Arts

Tonight the Garden Posse is taking it downtown. No gardening tonight - we're in our winter hibernation/planning period. But you are welcome to join us for some wholesome Garden Posse fun.

We'll be meeting up at Koriente at 8pm for dinner. We'll be talking about our new website, which local web designer Christian Bowers has generously volunteered to help us create. And we'll be planning our upcoming events, so you can know when we are actually guerrilla gardening, perhaps weeks in advance. Then we're going to check out a show at nearby Stubb's, with The Morning Benders and The Submarines.

And, this is not a Garden Posse event per se, but I highly suggest you visit the clothing swap at Greater Austin Garbage Arts (GAGA) next Saturday. Bring old clothes, and you can trade and repurpose them with help from resident artists. GAGA is committed to the idea of zero waste - the first step of which is finding new uses for old stuff. Plus, they offer FREE SEWING LESSONS. You won't find that anywhere else in Austin.

GAGA is located at 2214 South 1st Street (just north of Oltorf, across from End of an Ear and next to a plaza with Cream Vintage and a coffee shop).