Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photos from the Paradise Garden

If you are not currently located in Texas, you might not realize how amazing a green garden is this year. Gardens are fried to a crisp if they go a few days without water. Pastor Ealey's only trick is to water in the early morning and night, every day. And now his church has a thriving garden. Not to mention a continually expanding watermelon patch. 

Pastor Ealey has named each of his seven watermelons. I believe this one's named Ernestine. 

We planted some beans around a tree trunk. It's taken over, and shades the herbs underneath.  

Here's Pastor Ealey, showing off his garden. 

Check out the garden if you are on Webberville Road. But don't touch Pastor Ealey's watermelons!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Message from Pastor Ealey, keeper of the "Paradise Garden"

Yesterday, members of the Garden Posse joined the Webberville Road Baptist Church for a potluck get-together. It was so wonderful to meet the congregants, share a good meal, and talk about gardening. But the real star of the potluck was the garden itself - the "Paradise Garden" is thriving! Even in this heat, it is looking glorious. The tomatoes, pepper, and basil are green and without a sign of wilt or pests. We planted two watermelon transplants, and now there is a watermelon patch with seven - count 'em, seven - watermelons on the vine!

We received this email from Pastor Ealey, for whom the watermelons have become his pride and joy.

Seven is the number of perfection,thank-you,thank-you,thank-you,thank-you,thank-you,thank-you,thank-you.
The paradise garden Potluck was fun and went well. I learned a lot about the plants and I plan to weed a little and keep some basic definition among the different vines.... I hope we can help you in some way. You envisioned a garden and it is happening. Our esteem level is soaring. Some of my old folks are inhibited and this helped them get out of the box. This will motivate more initiative efforts and enhance fellowship experiences.... I have met most of my goals the biggest challenge has been to develop things structurally around here. What you have done helps a lot. I heard a couple of people say. I have tried many gardens,and they did not turn out like this, "I think I will try another one at home."
Let me know If you get this email. We keep you in our prayers,and give glory to God.
Sincerly,Pastor Ealey

This is what we had hoped for when we planted the garden, and we are overjoyed to know that it is inspiring people to start their own gardens.

Photos will be on their way...... and don't forget, planning meeting tomorrow! Clementine's on Manor Rd, 7:30 pm.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Potluck this Sunday at 1 pm

We will be having a potluck this Sunday, July 19, 1 PM at the Webberville Road Baptist Church to celebrate the success of the "Paradise Garden." Please come meet the people who benefit from the fruits of the Garden Posse's work! We would love to see everyone come out. Bring a dish to share.

Webberville Road Baptist Church is located at 1405 Webberville Road, next to T.C.'s Lounge. The church is set back from the road.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

"The Garden" doucumentary playing at the Alamo Drafthouse

The South Lamar Alamo is doing three screenings of the superb documentary, "The Garden." It's about the South Central Farmers in LA, and their struggle to save their community garden - the largest community garden in the U.S. I saw it tonight, and I can't express how glad I am that I saw it. Not only is it a compelling story with an emotional telling, it can teach us a lot about the culture and importance of community gardening. Also, it's not preachy. Check it out - the film won't be on DVD for a while.

The director is also at the showing, and does a Q & A session afterwards. It's playing Monday and Tuesday at 7 pm.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Events! They're upcoming!

Posse members & posse pals might be interested to know that we have a few new items on the calendar.

Sunday, July 12 is our long awaited potluck with the Webberville Road Baptist Church. To them, we are "Paradise Garden Angels," as they have named their plot "Paradise Garden." It's already produced tomatoes, peppers, basil, and a watermelon growing on the vine. It looks great, and we're excited to meet the congregation.

The weekend of August 1 - 2 the Garden Posse is going tubing! Yes, summer field trip! Robb is planning where we are going and when, and the logistics of floating a keg down the river. (JK - responsible river use is what's cool.) Feel free to provide suggestions.

The first anniversary of our first dig is August 26, and we hope to have a party celebrating 1 year of the Posse around that date.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sign painting - finally, yes, tonight.

The Posse is back! And it's time to get the long put off sign painting done. 7:30 pm, tonight, Greg & Carly's house.

Email gardenposse@gmail.com for directions.

We'll be getting artistic, and also getting some planning done. It's about time to get focused on activities for the fall (it's never too early to look forward to it not being hot - am I right or am I right?). And we still have cool summer activities coming up - a tubing trip, church potluck, and our first anniversary party, which we think is a good way to break into that not-so-hot weather.