Friday, August 21, 2009

Dead of summer posse update

When you look outside of your hopefully air-conditioned home, what do you see? Brown trees, dead plants, even succulents wilting in the sun, and emergency drought conditions. It's a depressing scene, we know. Most of our hand-watered guerrilla gardens couldn't make it through this extremely harsh summer. But the Garden Posse holds on to the hope that someday, this too, will pass, and we can look forward to the long season of growing ahead and establish new gardens. Depending on the weather, we will start gardening again Tuesday nights in September. 

What we are REALLY excited about, is a big deal event coming up in the fall! 

September 27 (Sunday, 2 - 7 pm)
Mark your calendars for this one, it is going to be big. 10 bands, 2 stages, and possible gardening/ plant giveaways! It's celebrating our one  year anniversary (which is this week, actually, but Sept. 27 is a only month belated), and raising money for the Garden Posse, so we can do bigger and better things. Please come out and support us that day, and if you  is interested in getting involved with organizing the event, please let us know. We're working with a booker, but we could use help finding businesses to sponsor the show. 

Details about regular Tuesday night activities are listed on our google calendar. Please email if you would like to be invited to the calendar and receive weekly updates. It's supposed to be public, too, so if you are savvier that I, you could probably search for Google calendar. 

Our website and logo are in the works, so stay tuned!