Friday, July 25, 2008

Garden Posse Guerrilla Gardening

The Garden Posse has been on hiatus for the summer, but we're regrouping for the fall with a new project: Guerrilla gardening in Austin!

Guerrilla gardening is about cultivating plants and beauty in the forgotten places of public space. It's about taking a dusty plot of dirt and making it into something productive. Without permission.

We're in the planning stages now - scoping out potential sites, rounding up plants and soil, scheming, plotting, masterminding - and we hope to have guerrilla digs planned throughout the fall. We'd like for these digs to be social events, and eventually build a community of like-minded gardeners.

If you're interested in joining the planning, participating, or even have experience with digs of your own, please respond to this post with contact information. Serious inquiries only, though. Meaning, if we're going to give you the enthusiasm and courtesy of a response, we'd like you to intend to meet us and fully participate.

To learn more about guerrilla gardening, visit:

New York Times article on Guerrilla Gardening

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countdougula said...

VEEEERy into guerilla gardening in Austin..haven't done it yet but am eager to participate. Have shovels, tools, muchos enthusiasm, please contact me ASAP
Overgrow our municipalities restrictions!!!