Monday, March 23, 2009

Photos from the "Greetings from Austin" mural

Our "Greetings from Austin" garden is nearly complete! All it requires is massive amounts of mulch, a sign, and a bit of continuing TLC. Here are the long-delayed photos from our two nights on the job.

It's the crew! "Greetings" from the Garden Posse.

Planting our first bed with bluebonnets, sedums, and other succulents.

Travis throwing dust in the air with his rabid shoveling.

A highlight of the dig was watching a vintage firetruck being towed from Roadhouse Relics. You never know what wonders you might see at a Garden Posse dig, really.

Nor do you know what kinds of amazingly generous and helpful people you may meet. This is the second night, when we discovered our garden frame had disappeared.

Here at the workshop near Happiness, Vic and Ryan swiftly measure and cut our three-armed frame.

Emily says, "Look, I'm helping!" Mostly we stood back and were impressed with our own good fortune.

The biggest challenge? Tying this awkward thing on to the car.

And then my camera battery died. But the Posse lived on.

So there you have it, folks! The pictures I promised to post weeks ago. We are likely going to move across the street to fix up the lesser known Cesar Chavez and sunflower mural. Details upcoming tomorrow.

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