Monday, April 19, 2010

Plant a garden at the Carver Library with us on Saturday!

The Carver Library needs our help! They have asked the Garden Posse to install a butterfly and herb garden as part of the effort to recover their landscaping. This is our first officially sanctioned garden, but that doesn't make us any less guerrilla. It just means we can do whatever we want with city property!

So meet us at the Carver Library (1161 Angelina Street, off Rosewood on the East Side) at noon this Saturday, April 24. We'll be pulling out old plants, and designing and planting a brand new garden! Please bring whatever tools ya got (no flashlights necessary this time), and donations of herbs and butterfly-attracting plants and seeds are much appreciated. Friends are appreciated too. Snacks will be provided! 

Here's a map to the Carver Library: 

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And here's a resource for the plants that Texas butterflies love.

See you on Saturday!


rev jefferson colby said...

i was just introduced to you guys. this is great! we've been onto this for a little while, but i like what you're doing.
i'll be working, at barton springs nursery, this sat., but wishin gyou guys the best. i'll keep you in mind for future plant donations. keep it up!

The Garden Posse said...

Thanks for commenting! We could always use plant donations, and any plant-oriented friends you have who might be interested! How shall we get in touch with you?