Monday, May 10, 2010

Chestnut Garden tomorrow, Skillshare in June!

One of our oldest and favorite guerrilla gardens is the Chestnut Garden. It's got a great location across from Chestnut Park, and it's in an abandoned lot with lots of room for expansion. We'll be replanting it for spring/ summer tomorrow night! We'll meet at 16th & Chestnut at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, May 11.

Bring any plants you need to get in the ground, and whatever tools ya got. Headlamps are always helpful!

If you've been outside in the last two weeks, you'll notice it's getting hot - that means the Chestnut Garden is one of the last gardens we'll be planting this season! Get in on this sweet guerrilla action before it is too late and we reverse hibernate for summer.

Oh and one more thing: Our friends at Skillshare Austin are hosting their annual Skillshare Workshop on June 5-6 at Space 12. That means a whole weekend filled with fun and practical workshops on everything from DIY art & craft to parenting to chicken tractors. The Garden Posse will be hosting a workshop on something either gardening or guerrilla related. Put it on your calendar!


AccessibleVegetable said...

That was fun joining you all for the Chestnut Garden
revitalizer. Any chance you guys might want to put in a garden for an event being held at 12th and Chicon June 5th. I'm getting more info about exactly where, if there's a water source and who might care for it once planted. Let me know if you're game! Lots of exposure for Accessible Vegetables and Garden Posse.


The Garden Posse said...

Paddy, we'd love to get more info. There's a chance that we might be holding our Skillshare workshop on that day, though. Definitely let us know when you know more!