Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Come to McAllen's Cooking Skillz & Potluck, July 8th!

Longtime Posse pal McAllen goes down to the roots of the Garden Posse - back when the idea for guerrilla gardening was hatched over a couple of homemade pizzas (food and great ideas always go together). McAllen went to a couple of workshops during Skillshare Austin's weekend of skills, and got inspired. He says, "As a gardener I've been wanting to make better use of all the food I'm growing for a long time. The Skillshare workshop inspired me to make that dream a reality, and teach it to others."
McAllen is going to be hosting a cooking skillz and potluck at his house (12th & Airport) from 7 - 10 pm on July 8. Featuring homegrown garlic! Here's the announcement, from McAllen himself:

Hey garden knomes. Or should I say "hay" garden knomes, hay makes great mulch. I'm allowed one awful pun for the year.

So check it out: I harvested some garlic in my community garden a few weeks ago. It takes that long for the bulbs to cure before they're ready for use. It's almost time to put it in the pantry. What the heck am I going to do with twelve heads of garlic? This question gave me an idea. I want to host a workshop in which people teach a few skills about food, including how to make:

Roasted Garlic
Ornamental Hot Pepper Wreaths
Flavored, Ornamental Oil Jars
Soup Stock from Scratch
Some great recipes that are as easy as they are tasty
Time Saving Food Prep Tips

Bring a dish to share!

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