Thursday, August 21, 2008

Operation Sidewalk Freedom

So this is the site of our first Garden Posse guerrilla garden mission. As you can see, it's a neglected patch of land that needs some love. It's between two sidewalks, next to a construction site/repository of some sort (we're finding out exactly what), and littered with trash. Right now, it's an eyesore. But it could be a beautiful, fertile, and mysterious land of flowers and veggies and herbs for all to enjoy.

That is, if you show up to lend a hand next Tuesday, August 26 at 8pm. We'll be cleaning up the area, and then getting to work with the plants and seeds.

You'll need to bring gardening gloves (especially because no one wants to touch trash with bare hands) and whatever tools you can get your hands on. We might have extras on hand, but no guarantees. Also, PLEASE let us know if you have donations of plants or seeds! That would be so great. You'd get a Garden Posse Special Star, handcrafted, by me.

Tell us that you are coming on Tuesday, via email or comments. The meeting spot will again be at Foodhead's on W 34th st. And tell your friends too! See you then.

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Anonymous said...

what about phyto-extraction of heavy metals and other junk? have you tested the soils in these areas?