Monday, August 25, 2008

Tomorrow, we dig. Or we ambush?

I'm still trying out the guerrilla gardener lexicon., a venerable authority, refers to guerrilla activities as "Troop Digs," but I like missions, or ambushes, or is an ambush more of a strategy than an activity? An adjective relative to a noun?

It probably doesn't matter. Call it what you will, it's happening tomorrow night at 8pm. The weather looks good, and we should have a good corps of gardeners, or troops. (I'm beginning to wonder why everything is so militaristic.) Many of you have volunteered seeds, plants, and compost. I received a large donation of soil from the Great Outdoors, and I'll be getting some transplants tomorrow.

We'll also have some visitors from the Statesman. Gardening blogger Renee Studebaker will be there with a photographer for a story on guerrilla gardeners in Austin. If you do not wish to be quoted or photographed for the story, I'm sure they'll respect your wishes. And hopefully Renee will bring some gardening tips.

See you tomorrow! Oh, and here are some pictures of my favorite ants.

(I'm trying to think of a metaphor between these tireless leaf-cutter ants and guerrilla gardeners. Perhaps after tomorrow night we can think of an accurate metaphor.)

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