Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Final gardening escapade before summer!

Tonight, at 7:30 pm, we are meeting up at the Webberville Road Baptist Church to do some maintenance and beautification on the garden we installed last week! Please bring any rocks or bricks you have to make a border around the beds, tools, and flashlights. Here's the link to the location.

This project will probably not take very long, so there's a possibility we could get some refreshments at Clementine's afterwards (read: cheap drinks). We'd like to talk about planning for summer events, and our workshop for Skillshare Weekend. Which is, of course, this coming weekend. Our workshop, How to Build a Guerrilla Garden, will run from 4:15 - 5:45 on SATURDAY, MAY 30. Mark your calendars (more precisely this time). But you'll want to stick around for the whole weekend, because you'll learn how to make puppets, zines, a tv remote from a coat hanger, woodblock printing, taking control of your pregnancy, and so much more! Plus, you'll probably meet a whole bunch of cool people. Oh, yeah, and and an afterparty with The One Hundred Flowers, one of the best bands in Austin. It sounds fun, right? Yep.

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