Friday, May 22, 2009

Webberville Church Garden: We dug it.

Webberville Baptist Church is deep on the East Side of Austin. It's a simple building, and there are only a handful of congregants - all of them over the age of 60. A few members of the Garden Posse sometimes attempt to bring down the median age when they attend services at the church. In the process, they've gotten friendly with the pastor and members of the church. When they mentioned the idea of building a garden on the church's nearly 2 acres of green lawn, the congregation got excited. 

Robb, Carly and Gregg spent Monday night doing some preliminary digging so we would be able to get the garden put in on Tuesday. They dug three beds around this patch of concrete, close to T.C.'s Lounge. T.C.'s is one of those classic ramshackle night spots, with music, pool, free blues and comfort food on Mondays, and a few people whose souls could use saving. They could be saved in the middle of a garden, maybe?

Carly, Robb, and Juan dig out one of the beds. The soil was very sandy, so we put a few bags of compost in. 

Nice, rich soil in what will eventually become the herb garden.

This garden was planted with flowers, and two transplants. 

The third, and largest bed, was divided into two for peppers, tomato, and basil plants. 

We're very excited about the garden, because it's for a community that will care for it and hopefully add to it. We would like to plan a potluck in cooperation with the congregation, and talk with them about what they'd like to see in the garden. You have another chance to get involved next week! We'll be back at the church, putting a border around the garden and fixing it up a bit more. 

The planting season in Texas takes a hot hiatus June through August, so next week, and our event with Skillshare, will be your last chances to get your hands in the dirt for a few months. Come out and hang out! We'll be arranging seed bomb workshops, potlucks, and possibly a Garden Posse tubing trip over the summer, so keep an eye out for updates. Just because we can't garden doesn't mean we won't have fun. 

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