Monday, September 28, 2009

East Austin dig!

Less than twenty-four hours after the conclusion of the Garden Posse Benefit Show, the Garden Posse is still feeling pumped! We are not on steroids, we swear. We are just on an adrenaline cruise from the success of the show. It was a spectacular day. Every single band put on a great performance, the music was fantastic, the crowd was wonderful, the venue had a good variety of food and drinks, and the Garden Posse raised $500! What could be better than yesterday?

Special thanks to Eva from Stem & Leaf for putting on this epic show, and Boonesboro who not only played a great set, but donated $50 of their own to us, plus a matching $50 donation from the Great Outdoors.

We'll be posting a full update when the photos come in. Also, we still have free posters if you want 'em.

Tomorrow, we will use our adrenaline to drive our shovels into the ground, at a new desolate piece of urban land in East Austin. 7:30 pm at the intersection of Tura Dr & Terry Lane.

Here's a map:

As always, bring tools, flashlights, plants and seeds. This dig may be filmed. See you there!

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