Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Posse savors success, dirt, and cookies

Last Tuesday night found the Garden Posse digging industriously away at the triangle of North Lamar. After a summer of insufferable heat and drought, members of the Posse were heard to remark that the seasons were finally changing. It was a good time to come back to gardening. 

The triangle we chose for gardening is pretty large, and the posse member who picked out the spot would eventually like to turn it into a community garden. But big ideas start small and guerrilla-style, and we decided to dig two 4' x 6' beds on the side of the triangle closest to Lamar. The Posse got to it with pick-axes and shovels, then raked out the grass. Shoal Creek Nursery donated a bunch of broken bags of soil and compost, which we used to amend the soil. Vegetable transplants were not yet in the nurseries, so we're starting these beds from seed. The prospect of growing a garden straight from seed, with visions of little green sprouts springing up, excited the Posse. We planted a great variety of fall vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, bak choi, kale, and more. Hands got dirty. 

We did it all in an hour and a half. This is the amazing thing about guerrilla gardening - it's very fulfilling and it doesn't even take very long. We had plenty of time to celebrate Posse'er Carly's first anniversary of being in Austin, complete with freshly baked cookies and champagne. Yes, that's right. Membership in the Posse gets you cookies and champagne on special occasions.* 

Long time Posse friend, cookie baker, and new member David will be taking care of the North Lamar triangle garden, and alert us to any sprouting action. In the meantime, we're getting excited for our benefit concert on Sunday, September 27! (10 days away!) We'll be sharing more enticing details soon. But in the meantime, look for our posters posted around town, featuring our beautiful new Garden Posse logo! Check it out! (Exclamation points convey our excitement!)

All credit for the logo goes to Carly. 
* no guarantees on the cookies and champagne.


Valerie said...

Thank you!! This is accross the street from my house--I've been wanting to do this forever!

Lindsay said...

Feel free to help out in the garden - and help yourself to a harvest when it comes up!