Thursday, October 8, 2009

This weekend's Garden Posse events

The Garden Posse doesn't restrict its activities to just Tuesday nights. We like to occupy your weekends, too. You can spend some time with us on both Saturday and Sunday.

SEED BOMBS: Saturday, Oct. 10, 10 am @ Cherrywood Green (Cherrywood & E. 34th)

Seed bomb workshop at the Cherrywood Plant and Book Swap! Free plants, free books, and making seed bombs - why would you not come to this (besides for a hangover)? You don't need to bring anything to participate. The Garden Posse will have a small table to make seed bombs, which are a rolled mix of native seeds, compost, and clay dirt. They are really fun to make, and you can take them home to throw in your yard, or your derelict neighbor's yard, we won't tell.

POTLUCK: Sunday, Oct. 11, 2 pm @ 702 West Crestland Drive, Austin, TX 78752

A fan and neighbor of the guerrilla garden on the Crestland Triangle has invited the Garden Posse to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving! We were previously unaware that Canadians had a Thanksgiving, and are still not sure whether or not this is just a big joke. But hey, it's potluck time. We figure it's a good time to meet the community around one of our gardens. And eat tofurkey. Here's the facebook invite.

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