Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brunch & Garden with the Garden Posse on Saturday, 11 am

Last spring, we built a garden for the congregation of the Webberville Road Baptist Church - a tiny little church on the East Side with very nice people and a lot of open land. The garden was a great success - Pastor Ealey fell in love with the seven watermelons growing in the melon patch, and he wrote to us, "What you have done helps a lot. I heard a couple of people say. I have tried many gardens,and they did not turn out like this, "I think I will try another one at home."

We returned this week to replant the garden for the new season and found it in disarray - weedy, overgrown, and in need of immediate TLC. We want to get this garden back to its former glory as soon as possible. If we can get a large, motivated group of people together for two hours on Saturday, we know that we can not only restore, but expand and improve this garden into a gem!

Meet us at 1405 Webberville Road, next to TC's Lounge, at 11 am on Saturday. Yes, that's Halloween. It's your chance to do something good before nighttime debauchery.

RSVP to the event on Facebook.

We have all the plants. We just need you! And your tools - hoes, pick-axes, shovels, trowels, etc. Trust us, gardens go in really quick if a lot of people are working on them at once. No experience is necessary.

Oh, did we mention that this is a brunch, too? Bring a dish or baked goods! There is a lot of grass to picnic on.

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