Monday, November 2, 2009

Brunch & Garden: The phototastic epilogue

What better way to start a day associated with evil spirits and human debauchery, not to mention candy, than with a brunch associated with a gardening workday? Wait, don't answer that question. Let's rephrase: Don't you love gardening and eating in juxtaposition?

After the Garden Posse arrived at the Webberville Road Baptist Church, our stomachs were filled up by egg strata, homemade bread, doughnut bread, and coffee. The flies and wasps also got their share.

Then the real work started. We had to dig up and pick out the Bermuda grass - which we dubbed Satan grass in honor of the day.

We expanded the bed around the old tree trunk, and lengthened the other bed as well.

A few basil plants and a pepper plant were all that remained from the summer. We don't have any before pictures, but let's just say that the other plants were skeletal.

We re-bordered the beds with rocks we picked up from the cemetery in the spring. Appropriate?

Watch out for the fire ants crawling up the middle of that bed. Whew!

The summer garden was most notable for its productive watermelon patch. We found one last watermelon amongst the weeds, orphaned as we pulled up the vines. Pastor Ealey stopped by to chat a bit, and told us that the church had gotten a lot of peppers and tomatoes out of the garden, and the sunflowers had grown over 6 feet tall. The congregation had been really excited to see that we were working on the garden again, after we had started working on it on Tuesday.

Dan enjoys the last of the last watermelon.

Planted! A lot of greens, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and so on and so on.

Plus, two agaves we got at the Cherrywood plant swap!

Here's the expanded bed planted with broccoli, swiss chard, cabbage, and lettuce.

And the other bed heaped with more swiss chard and lettuce. Salad, anyone?

Great work from everyone who came out!

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