Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cherrywood garden expanding!

David stopped by to check out the Cherrywood guerrilla garden we dug two weeks ago, and found Melvin (standing) and John (crouching) adding a new bed, with five rows. There was so much energy behind the dig in Cherrywood, the fact that the neighbors have expanded the garden is not surprising - there was already talk of it as we dug the first two beds. Melvin has been mowing the empty lot across from his house for years, and he was really enthusiastic about digging it up. David says that John is a new neighbor working on the garden. We're so excited that the garden is being embraced and cared for by the neighborhood - this was definitely one of the best digs yet!

We have photos from the dig and the filming of Central Texas Gardener, which we will post and recap soon.

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