Friday, June 19, 2009

Guerrillas in Austin, LA, and beyond!

Last week we were all set up for painting signs for our guerrilla gardens. But then, the Garden Posse received a massive, ready-to-plant shipment of flowers from Steve. Digging and adventures ensued, but that's a story for another time. A story for when photos get uploaded and such. A story, maybe, for when you see us in person and think to ask about it.

For now you will be pointed to the adventures and ideas of other guerrilla gardeners across the globe. 

Here's an article about Scott, of SoCal Guerrilla Gardening. He's a true guerrilla gardening pioneer - he's been doing it for 20 years. A few months ago, he sent us succulents sprung from his guerrilla gardens. They're almost ready to plant. 

A guerrilla gardener (or just creative, green-minded person?) in Ireland was sick of seeing politicians' faces on campaign posters. So he made garden boxes out of them. Instructions and photos are here. 

Richard Reynolds' Twitter feed is always an informative and updated source of guerrilla gardening activities. Reynolds is the founder of I'm not sure if he has a real job, but he makes it his business to keep on top of the world's guerrilla gardening. 

As for upcoming Garden Posse activities, we are trying to plan a potluck with the Webberville Road Baptist Church. They are calling the garden "Paradise Garden," and they'd like to thank us by stuffing us with food. Does this weekend look good for you guys? 

Updates on Garden Posse activities will be upcoming. Should we get a Twitter feed? I'd probably update it just as often as this blog....  or, who knows.

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Never regret that which once made you happy. said...

I've got two more flats of flowers ready for planting! Gerber Daisies, BIG Mums, an Azalea and a few herbs! I need a place to put them until the next time we plant, anyone got a spot to hold them?