Monday, June 15, 2009

Sign painting tomorrow! & 34th Street garden in need.

It's time to represent the Garden Posse! We have two gardens without proper signage - the Greetings from Austin mural garden on S. 1st, and the Webberville Road Church garden. The public needs to know what these gardens are about, and signs have served as good publicity in the past. So let's paint some signs!

Carly has volunteered her house for the sign painting party tomorrow at 7:30 pm. Remember, these events are always improved with food and drink, so feel free to bring some over. We'll also be talking about planning some fun summer events - possibly a Garden Posse First Anniversary Party?

Also, the 34th Street Garden is in need. Can you help? The Posse's first garden's caretaker (me, Lindsay) has moved away and is no longer able to provide the garden with the water and care it needs to survive. The area around the garden was recently clear cut - fortunately, the clear-cutters preserved the garden - but all the shade is gone. It may be too late for the veggies in the heat, but we can keep the perennial flowers happy. They've been doing so well over the past year, please help them survive the summer! Contact, and I'll let you in on the location of free water & water jug.

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