Sunday, June 14, 2009

Webberville Church Garden update!

The Garden Posse has been on hiatus for the past few weeks - there's something about summer in Central Texas that makes you want to do nothing but sleep and swim. But not at the same time. 

However, when we last left our garden at Webberville Road Baptist Church, there were some finishing touches that needed to be made. And that's when heroic Posse member Robb took action.

He picked up a load of rocks in his truck from Memorial Cemetery, which has a huge supply of free rocks. (Good tip!) He used them to landscape the garden beds. 

Did I mention he mulched them a few days before that? He is truly capable at this guerrilla gardening thing. Also, he know how to help you move apartments. 

How is the garden itself? It's looking very good.

Thanks to Robb and everyone else who worked on this garden!


skye said...

Can anyone get free rocks ?? If so, where exactly do you have to go to get them?

The Garden Posse said...

Yes, anyone can get rocks! Robb said, "It was really easy... you just drive up to a big pile and take what you need."

Memorial Cemetery is on Hancock Road in Central Austin, near Shoal Creek Nursery. I'm not sure exactly where in the cemetery the rocks are located, though.

skye said...

Thank you for the info.