Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Posse screenprinting at SXSW! This Saturday

By now you should know that one of the Garden Posse's secret strengths is having an awesome graphic designer as a member. Carly designed our logo in anticipation of our September benefit concert at the United States Art Authority, put on by Stem & Leaf showcases. Garden Posse and Stem & Leaf just sound like a natural fit, right? So we've teamed up with them again to support what is sure to be a kick-ass day party at South by Southwest.

This year Stem & Leaf is celebrating their fifth birthday with 16 bands, free beer, snacks, crafts, and screenprinting by the Garden Posse! On March 20, come to "Rainey Manor" (90 I-35 South which is kitty corner to Lustre Pearl. Also directly located off of the I-35 Frontage road just past Cesar Chavez.) You can get this image screenprinted on fabric provided by us, t-shirts purchased by Treasure City, or stuff brought by you!

RSVP, band lineup, and more infor on Faceboook
. (Note: RSVP not required.)

Bands I recommend: Squalor Victoria (their first show, they will be wearing warpaint), Mount Righteous (super fun marching band from Dallas), Stephaniesid, One Hundred Flowers, the Distant Seconds, Peter and the Wolf, Monarchs, and pretty much everyone else. And you can check out Sondre Lerche at 6 pm across the street at Lustre Pearl.

Bottom line: It's going to be awesome. Hope you can make it!

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nayr said...

Yo. I'll be there. I need to cultivate friendships with people that will change the world madly slinging endosperm. I'll bring some permie monkeys, endophytes and eldritch distillers.