Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garden Posse screenprints at SXSW!

Yesterday was the last big day of SXSW (everyone knows Sunday is just for recovery), and the Garden Posse spent it in a blur of screenprinting, music, beer, and crafts at the Stem & Leaf day party. Seen above are Mount Righteous, an incredible marching band from Dallas playing inside Rainey Manor, a random house on the west side of I-35. The Silent Chase was playing outside, on a cold, windy day which many people braved to come to a raucous party. Luckily, the Posse was warm inside, sharing a room with Skillshare Austin, and screenprinting to our heart's content.

Here's just one of our satisfied customers, wearing a hoodie sweater made exponentially cooler by our print.

Truth be told, none of the Posse had ever screenprinted before this day. It was an idea that sounded good to us, so we made it happen, with a lot of help from a more experienced friend. We used a photo emulsion chemical to transfer Carly's design onto the screen. The process takes about a day.

It came out looking beautiful. And the process of printing couldn't be easier. Just put some paint on the screen, get some fabric under there, and spread the paint across with the squee-gee tool. Here's Carly at work.

We printed up a bunch of these fabric posters/ patches.

We also screenprinted clothes people were wearing or bought at Treasure City's sale. My personal favorite was a friend's velour jacket, which despite concerns about the fabric, turned out really well. We also printed on a huge puffy jacket, and a fleece vest. It was cold.

This is my tank top. It looks good, no?

We are really pleased with how the design came out, and we hope to sell Garden Posse t-shirts at more events! Tell us in the comments if you want one! FYI, it helps to let people know that you're in a posse.

Just a bit of cuteness to close out South By... the dog sneaks into the photo shoot.

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