Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seed bombing 2/2/10

Last Tuesday marked our first foray into East Side seed bombing. We set off from our garden at Chestnut Park towards the yet-to-be-opened-and-we-haven't-been-holding-our-breath-for-it-thank-God train station at MLK.

However, a little birdie left a helpful comment in our last post that is going to open on March 22, only a year after the launch party was planned. We'll believe it when we see it. But we figured we'd give the hypothetical riders something nice to look at off the side of the tracks.

We were looking for spots that were not landscaped and had bare dirt - the exposed slope, the tree wells. It's important to place them in an area where the seeds won't be overcome by weeds, or chopped down by a mower. Wildflowers have no natural defenses from mowers.

We moved up from MLK towards Manor Rd, dropping seed bombs along the perimeters of construction sites and the edges of curbs. Our best site was an abandoned airport parking lot. The airport closed over ten years ago. We plopped seed bombs over the fence, and found bare spots among the weeds. Hopefully they will provide a little beauty in contrast to the broken beer bottles, and used fast food wrappers.

Our next meetup is planned for Tuesday, March 16. We'll be replanting and possibly expanding our garden at the Crestland Triangle, off North Lamar. We'll meet at 7:30 pm. Put it on your calendars!

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