Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No gardening tonight - Seed bombs next week!

A combination of tonight being freezing and not having a site has resulted in no gardening plans this week.

Let us renew our call for potential sites! We need them. Tell us about them. We are anxiously looking forward to planning them.

Next week, however, we will participate in that time-honored guerrilla garden tradition: Making seed bombs. Seed bombs are the friendliest bombs ever. Also known as the less militant-sounding seed balls, they've had a long history. They were first used in guerrilla gardening in 1973 by New York City's Green Guerrillas. (You can see the original recipe here: TWO SEED GRENADE RECIPES OR HOW TO HIDE THE ILLEGAL DUMPING SPACE.)

You can also watch this video of guerrillagardening.org founder Richard Reynolds making seed bombs. Or read this blog with instructions of a seed bomb-making workshop likely to be similar to ours.

We need red clay (like potter's clay) and wildflower and other native seeds to make seed bombs. So if you can collect those over the next week, bring them!

We'll be doing the actual bombing at another time to be determined. Also to be determined is the location of this workshop. (If you'd like to volunteer your space, let us know.)

Happy freezing temperatures, everyone.

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