Monday, January 5, 2009

This year, resolve to join a cool posse

Happy New Year, everyone! As I mentioned in the last post of 2008, there is a lot to look forward to in 2009. Like the potluck at Greg and Carly's tomorrow, where we will be thinking about exciting things to come. It would be awesome if you came with your own ideas for the future. Here's a prompt: What guerrilla gardening projects would you want to do if we had actual money to do them?

If you are on the email list, you'll be receiving directions from Greg to his house. If not, please email Greg at

An update on the water jug situation: The missing water jug has been returned! I bought a new water jug from Wheatsville, and the second time I went out to water the garden the old jug was just sitting there, where the tomato plant used to be. If the borrower of the water jug is reading this, thank you for returning our jug. It will come in handy because the water jug at Chestnut Garden has gone missing as well.

The 34th Street garden was very grateful for the return of water and the plants are looking great. I've been doing some much-needed weeding, with our new Cobrahead tool. Not to be too relentlessly promoting this item, but seriously, it is awesome. It's like a sharp giant iron fingernail which makes digging out roots ridiculously easy. I no longer swear at Bermuda grass - I just destroy it. You really have to try it.

Also, did I mention that an anonymous person planted radishes in the garden? It's very exciting to have people participate in our projects on their own. It's also exciting to see so many new faces in the Garden Posse Facebook group. I'm pretty pysched that people are interested in following our activities. Stay tuned.

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