Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seed bombs vs Inauguration

I just realized that January 20 has a significance that goes beyond our first endeavor into seed bombs. It's Barack Obama's inauguration. People may want to watch the most historic event of our times. So we could combine making seed bombs with watching the inauguration, or we could move our seed bomb making to another night. Because I don't think that they'll move the inauguration (but maybe if we ask nicely?).

Let's discuss our options.


Greg said...

I vote for making seed bombs while watching the Inauguration. If we got them to move the Inauguration, it would most likely end up on one of our gardening days later on anyway...

Travis said...

I say move it to another night next week, like Monday or Wed. I will volunteer Julie and I's house for a meeting space if we can move it to another day. I completely forgot about the inauguration and have some plans. I did get a 1/4 lb. bag of native seed mix, so if you all still meet on Tues, no big deal, I can get those to you.


The Garden Posse said...

I'm pretty booked on other nights next week. In my experience, things aren't accomplished as well when done in front of the TV (despite my claims that I could do my homework totally fine while watching tv in high school).

I think it would be a good idea though, for a few of us to try out making the seed bombs next week so we could have a larger and more experienced workshop the next week. Plus more seed bombs! (I see on the LA Guerrilla Gardeners' website that they sell them for $5 or $7)

- Lindsay