Friday, January 9, 2009

We're looking for new garden sites - Help us find them!

Since the Garden Posse's auspicious birth, we have gardened within our own neighborhoods. We want to keep planting throughout Austin, which is comprised of many neighborhoods our members do not live in. We believe these neighborhoods could benefit from guerrilla gardening, too.

Do you live in one of these neighborhoods? Is there a potential site near you which you think could use a guerrilla garden? Would you point it out to us, please?

Here are a few guidelines for a garden site:

- Located on genuinely neglected public space
- Relatively permanent
- Back from the road and traffic (for a vegetable garden)
- Close to a legal source of irrigation (your house, or a business or neighbor who will give permission)

Also, would you be willing to maintain the garden, and tell your neighbors about it?

Here's a "before" photo of our 34th St garden, so you have an idea of what a potential site may look like. Keep in mind they come in many shapes and colors.

We'll be compiling a map of sites to check out and plan during coming weeks.

We're discussing this in our Facebook group. If you're on Facebook, please join us there. You can do all sorts of things like share your own gardening experiences and tips, get advice for guerrilla gardening, and post photos of your oh-so-cute new puppy. (Although we'd prefer that you refrained, technically you could do that, and we'd all go, "Awww.")

If you're not on Facebook, we vaguely understand. You can always comment here or email us at We hope to hear from you soon!

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