Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Establishing the pizza crop and a garden schedule

Last night the Garden Posse returned to the guerrilla garden at 34th & Guadelupe. In the week since it was born, our first garden has begun to sprout. Cucumber and squash seedlings have poked their heads above the soil, and peas and cosmos are making tiny appearances. Our leggy tomato plant continues to signify the vegetable garden, and the flower border is making it all look pretty.

(Photographs will be added here)

I've been watering the garden - across from my bus stop - with thanks to the generosity of Salvation Pizza. The owner, as he helped me wrench the spigot open (it's child-proof), offered that he would be willing to trade us basil for pizza, if we grew a crop in our garden. They go through 4 - 5 lbs of basil a week.

Salvation Pizza is really good. So, I got some basil. We now have a whole basil section of the guerrilla garden. Here's hoping that it will yield a pizza. (The pizza plant! Anyone seen Wall-E?)

We also fattened up the flower border, with plants courtesy of the Shoal Creek Nursery. And Megan and Travis put together a tepee for the peas to climb up. This morning I found it blown over onto the basil, and I had to do a bit of salvage work. Soon that will be anchored down, and we'll have a real structure in our garden.

We were also planning to put up a Garden Posse sign, but the arts n'crafts portion of the evening fell through, as the art shop I was planning to get paint apparently only sells tiny mosaic pieces. So that will get done next week.

Speaking of next week, and the whole future ahead of us, you'll see that we've added an "Upcoming Events" calendar in the upper-right corner of the blog. Last night we worked out a rough schedule on a 4-week cycle.

Week 1 - establish new garden
Week 2 - maintain/expand new garden
Week 3 - do something fun, potentially involving beer
Week 4 - final return to garden

All meetings are Tuesday, at 8pm, unless otherwise noted. The schedule is, of course, subject to change. We're also planning on trips to Blackland Learning Garden, Quilombo Communal Garden, garden art projects, seed bombs, and plant give-aways. So many possibilities! The Posse also spoke of guerrilla gardening bus stops and guerrilla plant propagation.

So next week, according to "Upcoming Events," we'll be meeting at my house for a potluck and sign painting session. I'll be sending more details (such as where I live) in an email. If you're not on the list and you want to be, leave your contact info in the comments.

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Lancashire rose said...

Take a look at a guerrilla gardener in Salt Lake City on my blog. Think of what's to come!