Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tonight: Garden Posse Social Club

There's been a change of plans for tonight (Tuesday's) meeting. According to the schedule established last month, we're supposed to be on our second week of gardening at the traffic triangle on the East Side. But, we don't have a tree or a tree box yet. It's more likely that we'll have it next week, so the decision was made to have our social event this week, and return to gardening next week. And it's kind of short notice to stage a potluck.

So, tonight, we'll meet at El Chilito at 2209 Manor Drive at 8 pm. El Chilito is a taco stand on the East Side. It is truly delicious, and pretty darn cheap. The weather should be comfortable to sit outside and socialize, Posse-style, for the night.

See you there!

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