Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sorry folks, I can't make it tonight, but...

I did buy a packet of native wildflower mix seeds and a packet of seeds of plants that attract butterflies. I shopped for a fruit tree at The Great Outdoors, but only found citrus. They said that peach/fruit trees will come in around January. So, I was going to buy a lime or orange tree but they wanted $40 for a 5 gallon and I can not afford that right now. Next week I am going to go out to the Natural Gardener and look for a peach/fruit tree, but if they do not have any either I was thinking of some cool native tree like a persimmon or evergreen sumac. If you guys have any ideas let me know, but I would like to to keep the tree a native tree. Now, here is a thought, the Edwards Plateau ends pretty much in the Lake Austin/Downtown area and the Prairies and Oaks start up and head out East until they hit the Piney Woods. Should we try and stick to the ecoregion when thinking of a tree since technically we are planting in the Prairies and Oaks, say a post oak, Texas oak, or maybe even a chinquapin oak? Or, we can just go with a neat looking tree from the Edwards Plateau like a Mountain laurel, Tx Persimmon, sumacs, Arizona walnut, TX Redbud...hmmmm. Let me know what you all think AND SAVE A SPACE FOR A TREE.

Again, a peach tree is first priority, but if I can not find one, these were my ideas.


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The Garden Posse said...

Yay, Travis, you posted! I am overjoyed. We did save space for a tree, and thought we might put it in a pallet-type box rather than digging a hole. Because we experienced last night that digging a hole is really hard.

I have some ideas for potential tree donations. We'll come up with something.