Thursday, September 18, 2008

A photographic tour of our veggie garden

Our sign: Large, beautiful, stuck in the ground.

The tepee: Good-looking and functional.

The peas aspiring to climb up the tepee.

Zucchini squash.

The tomato plant's first blooms.

Can someone please identify if this is a weed? We neglected to mark what and where we planted. Besides for the tomato. We know what that is.

Also, Renee Studebaker of the Statesman has a short report on our first mission up on her blog. She posted a couple photos of the Posse in action, as well.


ConsciousGardener said...

It doesn't look like a weed to me, let it grow:) Nice job.

The Garden Posse said...

Oops. I just pulled it out this morning because the plant and its friends were crowding the peas.

Travis said...

Drove by today and it looked good.