Monday, September 22, 2008

Tomorrow, we move to the East Side

Just a reminder that tomorrow we will be attacking with our second garden, on Austin's East Side. We'll be meeting at Megan's house, a lovely menagerie of pets and materials in the area of Springdale and Webberville. Then we will proceed to a traffic circle and turn it into a garden. Hooray! If you are not on the email list and want to come, please email for directions.

This weekend I spent a wonderful evening at Megan's other gardening project (the hardest-working community-minded gardener in Austin, she is), Quilumbo. It's located not too far from where we will be tonight. The goal of the night was to create a raised bed and a sign for the garden's entrance. With the help of some kids and parents with handy construction skills, we were enormously successful. A bonus point is that it was really fun. Here are some pictures:

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The Garden Posse said...

You can see more Quilombo photos on Lindsay's flickr.