Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tonight, our return to the East Side

It's been a slow news week on the blog. But don't try to tell me you'd rather read about guerrilla gardening rather than hearing the harbingers of our oncoming financial doom. Last week's social club included discussions on these various harbingers, as well as some tasty tacos. I think we all agreed that guerrilla gardening and tacos are the answer.

Anyhow, this week it is back to work. Tonight, Tuesday, we are meeting at 8 pm at Megan's house. (If you need directions, please email gardenposse@gmail.com.) Your construction skills will be called upon this week, as we'll be building a bottomless box to hold our tree. In case you missed previous plans, we'll fill this with delicious soil, compost, and manure to spare the tree the trauma of trying to survive on a former gravel road.

We'll also be doing some replanting, as this rainless weather has taken its toll on our doughnut garden.

And where is the tree, you ask? First of all, thank you for asking. Second, the tree is on its way. Ted of Ted's Trees, the premier location for trees in Austin, has agreed to donate a tree. It will be ready for a new home in its bottomless box next week.

In other news, the garden at 34th & Guadelupe is continuing to grow and expand. I planted some leftover flowers from the East Side dig, and had enough to offer a plant giveaway on the curb. I also planted some lettuce and spinach seeds. You are all welcome to add your own contributions at any time!

see you tonight,

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Emily said...

Sorry to skip out on the construction part... but I've got a debate watching obligation. See you all next week for tree planting!