Thursday, October 23, 2008

Next week's plans

Last time we spoke, as a Posse, we said we would take our hiatus to scout new sites, post pictures on the blog, and decide on our next garden.

Also the last time we spoke, we had some unfinished business at the East Side traffic triangle. It really rained on our plans that night. We still have to finish painting our sign for the garden, building the rock walkway, plus people had some good ideas about labeling the plants and providing suggestions about how to use them. I believe a few of us were of the opinion that the garden would have greater potential if the community knew more about it.

So we have a couple of choices for next week:
  • Move on to our next garden
  • Finish business on the East Side
  • Plan our costumes for Halloween
I will put a poll up on the side of the blog, and please discuss on this post. Or post pictures of potential sites if you have them.

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