Monday, October 13, 2008

Do you want a guerrilla garden?

Tomorrow is our last night at the garden on the East Side traffic triangle. I've moved the meeting time up to 7:30 pm because it is getting dark earlier, and we have a lot of projects to complete. The Garden Posse has shown me the true meaning of "Many hands make quick work" - it's not just a fun phrase on needlework pillows. Hopefully we will have a large posse tomorrow to share in the triumph of completing a wonderful and useful guerrilla garden.

A key part of that usefulness is our tree, the centerpiece of the garden. As I mentioned earlier, Ted's Trees offered to donate a tree. However, they don't carry fruit trees, and we feel that the edible aspect is central to our objective in planting the garden. So this weekend I purchased a Meyer Lemon tree. Sure, you can't bite in to a lemon, but you know what they say when life hands you lemons, or when a guerrilla gardening group plants a lemon tree right in your neighborhood. The tree was $40, and it would be much appreciated if you contributed just a few dollars. You know what they say: "Many pockets make cheap fruit trees."

Also, finishing one garden means another garden must begin! It is time to ask yourself, "Do I want a guerrilla garden in my neighborhood?"

If you think you have a good site, consider: Can I irrigate it? Meaning, can you commit to watering it every day, and do you have a nearby water source? (Local businesses have been kind to us in allowing us to use their spigots, and it's good to ask beforehand.) Other things to consider: the relative permanence of the site, other people's interest in the site, and how you are willing to take leadership on the project.

We'll discuss potential sites tomorrow.

Also, this just in: Community garden leaders are in the process of planning an Urban Farm Bike Tour on December 6th. Sounds cool.... would you be interested?


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