Thursday, October 30, 2008

New news

This morning, I've got a couple of pieces of information that I'd like to share with y'all.

1. On Tuesday, we met at Megan's house to paint the sign. After having 15 people respond to the poll, we had a disappointing turnout (not that the people who did turn out weren't wonderful). I'd like to institute a policy of RSVPing on the comments in the blog to tell us if you'll be able to come. It's best if we know Tuesday morning if you'll show (I'll try to post and email earlier). Megan and Carly had made food, and food is best if eaten by many people when the effort is made.

2. Katy, who you may have noticed shows up with a large camera and audio equipment to meetings, has two weeks left of filming on the documentary she's making about the Garden Posse. Let's try to give her some good footage by doing stuff! Like planting!

3. You may have noticed next week's meeting is timed on Election Day. I have put up a timely poll on the website, to create the endorsement that may well decide the election: The Garden Posse of Austin, Texas endorsement. Vote on the poll and vote early!

4. In more Election Day news, Travis has offered to host the Garden Posse at his election party at his house. It may be outside, it may be inside, but either way, there will be drinks to enhance celebration or numb the defeat of your candidate. (And in the case of defeat, to kick off your 4-year binge.) And to keep in line with our goal of planting stuff, Megan had this idea: Buy a bunch of old shoes, fill them with dirt, and plant flowers in them. We would then, as individuals, place them around town. Good idea? You tell us. RSVP!

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