Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you want to go to Maker Faire?

I'm psyched for guerrilla gardening tonight, but I'm also excited for Maker Faire on Sunday. Megan and I went last year and had a fabulous time and saw lots of cool things. It would be great if we could get a group from the Garden Posse together for an excursion. Because if you're into guerrilla gardening, you're at least a little DIY, and that's what Maker Faire is all about.

Maker Faire is at the Travis County Expo Center. It's pretty far east. If anyone is interested, we could carpool from a central location.

It's $20 for a day, if you pre-purchase tickets at Whole Foods or the Austin Children's Museum. Otherwise, it's $25 at the gate.


Emily said...

I want to! I heard there are robot fights.

Also, it seems to have cleared up mostly, but what is the plan if it is rainy tonight?

Lindsay said...

While this post has not been flooded with responses, I've heard that these people plan on coming:


Please let me know if you're interested but not on this list.

Today is the last day to buy discount tickets downtown!

McAllen Halsey said...

I'm in!