Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am being a bad guerrilla gardener

So, I apologize for being truant three weeks in a row. I have no excuse except that my father came in town for a meeting and he took me out for Thia food, and the food and a six pack of Kirin took the night later than expected. I said I would be there yesterday, and for that I am sorry. I got some packets of native wildflower seeds, so I will make some seed bombs for everyone to make up for it. Also, if you guys can give me any chores to do before next week, please do. Again, I apologize for not showing up three weeks in a row. I am not blowing guerrilla gardening off, and do really enjoy it.

On another note. I get wildflower seeds at a discount at work, so let me know when we want to make a mass amount of seed bombs. I bought a $30 bag of 99% pure native wildflower mix that can cover 1,000 sq. ft. for $20 bucks. So, if we can not get donations, that would be an option for us all to chip in. I do not think the Wildflower Center can give any donations because the bureaucracy at UT is tremendous, and there would be no way around it.


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