Monday, November 3, 2008

Election watching party!

Hey everyone, sorry I am writing last minute, I have been a pretty lame soldier the last few weeks. Anywho, I am having a party tomorrow night as Lindsey already told you. So, here are the details. We will be starting around 7ish, when the polls here in TX close, so come whenever you would like. Bring a snack, if you wish, and a drinking cup. I am getting a little pony keg of beer for everyone, and you are more than welcome to bring more beer, spirits, or some wine, maybe champagne for celebrating (or drowning tears). Oh, MOST IMPORTANTLY, bring a lawnchair. We are going to move our TV outside and hang out in the front yard.

There will be 20 or so people there, and you all can definitly work on a project, but I may need to play host a bit and may not be able to devote my full attention.

My address is 800 Post Oak St., ATX, 78704, so google it.

Any questions, please call me 940.367.0741.


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