Monday, November 10, 2008

Requiem for the East Side triangle garden

Yesterday Megan called me with some not-so-pleasant news: Someone ran over the East Side garden. With their truck.

I haven't seen the scene, so I can't really describe what it looked like (perhaps a witness can chime in in the comments?). Apparently the lemon tree is still okay, and part of the garden is still intact. But there was some wreckage.

We think it was an accident, because 1) who would want to ruin their truck by running over a garden, and 2) it's a neighborhood where it's not unusual for people to get drunk and drive recklessly. And 3) I don't like to imagine that we live in a world where people would destroy our garden on purpose.

Megan talked to some of the neighbors, who were sad about the garden. We were going to ask you all to come out and help clean it up, but last night Megan was up late and rallied a bunch of neighborhood people who were also up late to clean it up with her. They also painted the street. It was a crazy time, Megan said, and people had fun.

So, we'll talk more about this tomorrow, when we gather for the South Austin dig. Other things to mention:
- One day left to vote on the S. Austin site poll
- We have pansies left over from last week that Megan would like to plant in front of a small church on the East Side she's been attending. Let her know if you are interested in participating.
- I'd like to replant the 34th & Guadelupe garden. The flowers (especially the orange cosmos) are looking great, but the veggies and herbs are looking like they need a face lift. Perhaps on Thursday?

Please discuss in the comments, and also respond if you'll be attending the dig tomorrow. We'll need you to bring tools and headlamps/flashlights.


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