Thursday, November 6, 2008

Potential bus stop sites

So here are some bus stops that I found around the area of South 5th street.


This one is near a house, but shouldn't be a problem planting. I didn't see a dog in the yard, so I don't think we would make a ruckus.


This one is across the street from the previous. It is a bit closer to this person's yard and may feel a bit like we are in their yard even though we are technically on the other side of their fence.

This one has no bench, but my friend who lives near this stop says it is noticeably the most used stop in this area. The neighbors have a dog, but I think I would feel comfortable asking if they cared.


This is actually Section 8 housing in the background, so that could be something nice for them. Again no bench. Don't think we would need to ask permission for this site.


These are not bus stops, but just thought they could turn into cool gardens. This sits on the side hill of the Elk's lodge, in a pretty wealthy street, so I have mixed feelings about this site.

Take your pick! Sorry, it took so long.



The Garden Posse said...

Travis, what's the irrigation situation for these sites?

Travis said...

I can water them, or they are all next to someone's house, so if they are willing to water that is fine. But I can water if there is no other option.