Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last night, while we waited for the bus

We planted a bus stop guerrilla garden.

The site is located at Raywood and Locke, not Weathers. It's near the heart of South Austin, which is a strong proponent of "Keeping Austin Weird" with its eccentric local shops, houses, and culture. But this neighborhood was quiet, and I have to say, drab. Wide, barren lawns, and squat brick houses surrounded the bus stop. It needed a garden. Both to provide some visual interest, and plant the seed of the idea that those wide lawns are good for more than grass.

The Garden Posse showed up with the soil, compost, plants, tools, and manpower to do the job.

We took a half hour or so to plan where the garden would go, in a way that didn't interfere with the bus or the riders.

The garden ended up being a relatively small area between the garbage can and the sewer pipes, broken in two by the sidewalk.

Pickaxes and pitchforks are most useful for pulling up grass. Then mixing in the good-quality dirt and compost. And then planting! All our organic materials were donated by Shoal Creek Nursery. A million thanks!

Travis admires the garden from the ground level, next to the vine that will curl around the garbage can and hopefully not get hacked down.

We had a posse of eight, and this garden was completed in less than two hours!

We were at a loss. What to do next week? We've devoted 3 weeks in our schedule to a garden that only required one night. So we decided to return next Tuesday to the garden at 34 & Guadelupe. It needs a vegetable facelift, especially with rumors of a frost coming up.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this dig, and see you next week!


Lauren said...

Love, love, love!!! what you are doing!!! I've had plans in my head to seed an ugly unkempt lot in my neighborhood with wildflower seeds. Now that I see your hard work, I feel I must go through with the plan. Thanks for the inspiration!

Nick Mollberg said...

Hello there... the area you planted in is actually part of a housing project (which explains the drab lawns and uniform houses.)

I'm the incoming president of the Galindo Elementary Neighborhood Association - let me just say this type of initiative is very cool (even if it's technically outside the law ;))

If you've ever interested in conducting a similar project, hit us up!

LexyTex said...

Dear Garden Posse: The Locke Lane and Ray Wood garden spot is very much appreciated, and each of the neighbors greatly appreciate your contribution. We are making plans to maintain the garden spot, and hopefully we all will be successful. Keep up the great green efforts, and thank you very much.
Lex Owens
2902 Locke Lane