Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New garden site: Chestnut Garden

Hi Y'all,

So it's time to break ground on a new garden and at last Tuesday's sign making, we decided to do a garden in the Chestnut Neighborhood, out in East Austin. I've scouted around and I found a great little location by Chestnut's neighborhood park. It's a vacant corner lot which happens to have a bus stop on it as well.

And right across the street is the park!

So the plan is to meet at 7:30pm next Tuesday, December 9th at the garden site, which is on the corner of E 16th St and Chestnut.

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As usual, bring shovels, gloves, and other gardening tools, as well as head-lamps or flashlights. For plants... everything you've got, although do keep in mind that cold weather is setting in and we want our plants to make it through the winter. Also, the site has a large dead tree on it that would be perfect for climbers, so bring climbing plants if you have any.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know I sure did. Since it's that time of year again, we want to send out our thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Garden Posse. A shout-out to all that have donated their plants, time, and effort.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday. Cheers!

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megan said...

ah shoot. i just read about this today (10th). its a block from my house! did you guys get out there? it was a cold sleety evening last nite. i will walk down there in a bit to see. i love what you do and hope to get involved.