Friday, December 19, 2008

So much news: Garden Posse 2009!

The holidays are nearly upon us. The Posse will be taking a two week break. But we have so much news to share with you now. Consider it something low-fat to chew on over the holidays.

The next meeting of the Garden Posse will be a potluck at Greg & Carly's house, at 7:30 pm, on January 6. If you have been considering getting involved with the Garden Posse, or you have been involved in the past and would like to be back in the thick of things, come to this event! Reasons why:
  • Delicious food + nice people = good times
  • We'll be formulating our vision for 2009 & beyond.
In other words, we'll be getting introspective about who we are as a group, and what we want to accomplish. We've had discussions about why we guerrilla garden: ideas of land use, local food systems, permaculture, and community-building have come up. Our goal is direct our energy into projects that will help the Posse further the ideals important to us, and to be useful to our community.

So look inside your heart (for real) and ask yourself: What does guerrilla gardening mean to me? Then come with a dish and your ideas to the potluck.


A few members of the Garden Posse presented a plaque to Shoal Creek Nursery on Thursday, thanking them for being amazing to us. (They really, really are.) I didn't bring my camera, but the presentation looked kind of like this:


The Garden Posse now has a Facebook group! Heck, it's almost 2009, we figured it was time to get fully integrated with the social networking. JOIN US! You don't have to be an active member of the Posse to be in the group. We would really love to see everyone who is interested in our efforts. We'll also be using it to send out event invitations, etc.


Events like the screening of the Garden Posse documentary in January! Katy is finishing up "the director's cut." We'll be having a screening and a party. Details are still in the works. But there is going to be film, music, fun, and beer involved; that much is certain.


Hey, do you feel like building a website for the Garden Posse? Email


Happy holidays and see you next year!

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