Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Signage and more!

Sign mission accomplished!

Pictured are two out of three signs created last night on the floor of Travis' house. Greg, the artist behind the bottom sign, won the contest for prettiest sign. True, sign-making wasn't a competition, but it became one when someone raises the artistic bar like that.

These signs, and the Travis/McAllen collaboration on the Raywood Street sign, will be placed at their respective locations.

Next week we'll be back to digging!! Greg is, perhaps at this very moment, scouting a new site at a park near his home on East MLK. More details as they emerge.

But don't wait until Tuesday to get into gardening! There's lots of stuff going on this weekend. Saturday kicks off "Eat Local" week with the first-ever Austin Urban Farm Bike Tour. Although Megan's wonderful East Side garden, Quilombo, is not an official stop, it is included. She'll be organizing a potluck for the early afternoon. Come join us!

Greg is doing a tree-planting thing at the park near his house, and he'd earlier put out a call for volunteers. There may be free coffee involved? Contact Greg for details.

Plus, it is pretty much time to buy your holiday gifts. Stop procrastinating! I know you're doing it. Buying local is like eating local: It's good for you, trust us. The Blue Genie Art Bazaar opens this weekend, and Wheatsville Co-op's art fair is this weekend in Adams Park. Whoa! Buy local where you eat local! It's almost too much.

One more thing: On Friday, pick up a copy of the Daily Texan and turn to DT Weekend. There will be an article about us! Yay, Garden Posse.

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