Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tonights Garden

Hey all,

I am not going to attend tonight's dig. My father will be in town for the night so I am going to grab some drinks with him and discuss Christmas presents for the fam.

I do have some broccoli and cabbage plants for the garden tonight. I salvaged them when I was thinning my own garden, and have been growing them in 4-inchers to one day put in one of our gardens. I think they are ready. Can someone get them from my house or meet me somewhere? It is 4 cabbages and 2 broccolis, and I CAN NOT say they are spectacular specimens.

My phone is dead, so email me at tgallo@wildflower.org and we can arrange something.


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The Garden Posse said...

It pains me to say that I am also going to miss out on guerrilla gardening tonight.

I have turned into a sickie and I don't want to infect anyone with my terrible head cold tonight. Also, I want it not to continue infecting me.

I managed to rally and collect lots of pansies and veggies (including broccoli) and compost from Shoal Creek. Greg has them.

Good luck tonight, and bundle up. There will be a freakish cold front.