Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Making signs tonight!

Our update for tonight is coming a bit later than usual. The reason is, four day weekends tend to set you back... into a realm where all you want to do is nap and eat, not necessarily in that order.

But anyhow. Ahem. Last week at our delicious potluck (thanks, Travis) we decided that we would spend this week making signs for our gardens. I believe we've mentioned the usefulness of explanatory signs previously in this blog. But an example:

The other day I was watering the garden on 34th & Guadelupe, and a young woman was walking on the path through it. She stopped and told me she liked the garden, and because she walked that way to work, she always watched its development and wondered what was going to happen next. I told her she was free to take any of the goods from the garden (a few more tomatoes are red now), if she took a moment to weed or water.

Just think: A sign could have provided the woman all that information before she happened to run in to me watering. This is what written language is for.

Sign making is tonight, 7:30 pm, again at Travis' house at 800 Post Oak Rd, where he will provide you with a handwritten voucher so your car doesn't get a ticket on his heavily policed road.

Please bring these materials if you have them:

Wood boards
Saw, nails
Paint & paintbrushes
Other decorative touches

Also, let's plan to get back to gardening next week. Please come with ideas for new sites!

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